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The Art of Layering and Stacking Jewellery

As the sun-kissed days of summer beckon, it's the perfect time to adorn yourself with the allure of layered and stacked jewellery. With a touch of gold jewellery aesthetic and an infusion of dreamy pieces, you can create a display that reflects your unique style.Embrace the warm weather and the carefree spirit of the season by layering delicate bracelets, stacking rings with vibrant gemstones, and adorning your ears with a combination of dainty studs and dangling earrings.

Begin by selecting a few key pieces that will serve as the foundation of your jewellery stack. Opt for delicate gold bracelets or paper-link chains to create a timeless and elegant base. Embrace the gold jewellery aesthetic, as its warm tones beautifully complement the sunlit days of summer. Stack our Golden Sun Pendant with another interesting chain or charm.

Don't be afraid to mix and match different types of jewellery to achieve a harmonious and eclectic look. Combine stacked bracelets of various textures and colours, incorporating elements like charms, fancy cuts and gemstones. Our Golden Honeycomb Sapphire Bracelet is dripping with warm honey hexagon cut yellow sapphires set within a summery aquamarine halo, perfect for your next summer rooftop party. Experiment with ear stacking ideas, adorning your ears with a combination of hoops, studs, and dainty drops. Simple round, or baguette white diamond studs would fit perfectly on the ear next to our The Luminous Asscher studs.

When stacking earrings, consider playing with proportions to add visual interest. Combine delicate studs with statement dangles or mix different lengths and shapes for an eye-catching effect. This creates a dynamic interplay of sizes, adding depth and dimension to your overall look. Wear your favourite hoops alongside our limited edition Paraiba Eagle Ray Earrings.

Stacking rings is a perfect way to showcase your personal style. Mix and match metals, incorporate gemstone bands, and experiment with different widths. Remember to also consider the concept of balance and space out your rings on different fingers for a harmonious and effortless feel. To achieve this pretty jewellery look, incorporate silver jewellery alongside your gold pieces for an elegant contrast. Stack our trapezoid sapphire rings for a bold aesthetic.

Channel the Emerald Green Aesthetic. Introduce a touch of the captivating emerald green aesthetic into your layered and stacked jewellery. Incorporate emerald gemstones, mixed cuts and chokers. Layer our rose cut emerald constellation pendant with a paper link chain, alongside our emerald choker, for an evergreen summer look.

Embrace the allure of the sun-kissed glow and adorn it with jewellery that accentuates your radiant aura, creating a harmony between nature's embrace and the craftsmanship of your chosen pieces.With the art of layering and stacking jewellery, you have the power to create a display of personal style. Let your imagination run wild as you curate a unique jewellery stack that tells your story and enhances your radiant summer look.