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Embracing the Autumn Aesthetic with Padparadscha Gemstones

As September arrives, our minds naturally turn to cooler colours and the warm hues of autumn leaves. But for those with a longing for unique and exquisite gemstones, this season also brings the perfect opportunity to dress oneself with the mesmerising Padparadscha gemstone, a rare treasure that perfectly complements the autumn aesthetic.

What is Padparadscha?

Padparadscha, often described as a delicate fusion of pink and orange, is a variety of corundum, the same mineral family that gives us the fiery Ruby. Yet, unlike its fiery sibling, Padparadscha is one of a kind. Its name, derived from the Sinhalese word for "lotus blossom," perfectly captures the gem's rare and exquisite appearance.

Why is Padparadscha Special?

Padparadscha is truly one of a kind, combining the soft, romantic pink with the warm, embracing orange. This unique coloration is often compared to the delicate beauty of a lotus flower, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate the exceptional.

The soft and warm hues of Padparadscha gems seamlessly blend with both silver and gold jewellery, allowing you to customise your fall outfits effortlessly. Whether you prefer the cool elegance of silver or the warm richness of gold, Padparadscha gemstones can be incorporated into various jewellery pieces, from rings to pendants.

For those who cherish the fiery charm of Rubies, Padparadscha serves as a perfect companion. The contrast between the two gemstones, with Ruby's intense red and Padparadscha's delicate pastels, creates a stunning visual harmony. Consider our cross earring  with alternating Ruby and Padparadscha stones to capture this fiery-fall aesthetic.


Just like the lotus flower, which submerges into the river at night and emerges sparklingly clean the next morning, this gem in this earring symbolises the resilience to change and the beauty of rebirth. The earring is then incorporated with princess and round cut rubies, finished with a final touch of a light pink bullet cut sapphire set in rose gold. We intentionally opted for these rare cuts and colors to infuse the design with an element of surprise. Comes in 14kt rose gold, perfect for everyday wear.

As you curate your autumn wardrobe, consider adding Padparadscha gemstones to your collection. Their rarity, combined with their delicate beauty, adds a touch of luxury to your style.