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LeBlanc is created by sisters Nicole and Lian LeBlanc. Jewellery that celebrates Caribbean glamour,  bold spirit and individuality, the brand is defined by their Bahamian and British heritage. Every piece of jewellery is a reflection of the influences they have been exposed to- whether it be the whimsical, alien life found in the Caribbean Sea or the avant-garde art and design world of London. With the use of lab-grown gemstones, we can design using a canvas of endless possibilities and explore uncharted realms of design and imagination.

Both sisters were raised in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Whilst exploring the vibrant reefs of the Bahamas throughout their childhood, they grew a strong connection to nature. Being inspired by the fluidity, shapes and colours of their environment, LeBlanc Jewellery seeks to embody the eccentric nature of these life forms in their designs, seeking to inject playfulness and edge into the more formal and traditional medium, to surprise and delight others as much as nature surprises and delights them.

Much inspiration also comes from the mystical imaginative stories from their fathers adventures on the archipelago. The ray developed to be a strong symbolism for LeBlanc, and the brand continues to use this symbol throughout.

An obsession with jewellery started on the islands of the Bahamas when inheriting an Atocha piece of eight coin from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha shipwreck (1622) from their father. The coins washed up on beaches of the island they are from, igniting that initial interest for generational heirlooms and the beauty of story within these treasures. It was then later on in London, Lian started to hand make her own jewellery pieces that were sentimental to her at the British Academy of Jewellery. Combined with Nicole's love for photography and design, LeBlanc Jewellery was born.

Sustainability is an integral part of the brand. As designers with a great love for the natural world, we want to create pieces of jewellery that have a minimal impact on the earth.