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Finding Inspiration for Your Alternative Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, today's couples are embracing creativity and individuality like never before. Non-traditional engagement rings and unique designs have surged in popularity, allowing couples to express their love in distinctive ways. 

We wanted to explore some engagement ring trends, from alternative gemstones to rare diamond colours. Embracing alternatives beyond diamonds,  in this era of personalisation, couples are opting for alternative gemstones to showcase their love and creativity. 

A growing trend at the moment is aquamarine engagement rings, with their serene blue hues, nothing will shimmer brightly more this summer. Try to have the aquamarine gemstone in an oval cut engagement ring, it will certainly gain attention for its elegant and elongated shape. The aquamarine gemstone is not as hard as a sapphire or a diamond, therefore opting in for a lab grown aquamarine sapphire for your engagement ring, is a perfect fit, as you get the colour, quality and hardness. Pair this with our wonderful aquamarine ray earrings. 

Our latest love, blue diamond engagement rings. For a touch of something unique, blue engagement rings have taken the spotlight. Still however, blue sapphire engagement rings, known for their royal appeal, exude a timeless elegance. For a captivating twist, consider a blue diamond engagement ring for its rare and enchanting beauty. With lab grown diamonds, it is actually an affordable option to have a blue diamond, allowing your jewellery dreams to come true!

Don't forget to consider an alternative diamond shape, like the fan or the lozenge. The lozenge diamond or gemstone shape, also known as the kite shape, is a unique and eye-catching choice for an engagement ring. With its elongated and angular design, the lozenge shape adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to any piece. 

For those seeking sustainable and ethical options, lab engagement rings offer the perfect solution. Crafted in controlled environments, these diamonds are environmentally friendly while maintaining their extraordinary beauty. Opting for a lab-created pink diamond ring is a charming choice that combines rarity with conscious sourcing. Pink diamond engagement rings, often in a classic round cut, are captivating choices that perfectly blend tradition with a touch of whimsy. Their unique hue adds a delightful twist to the traditional solitaire engagement ring. There is nothing like a shining round pink diamond to stand out from the mountain of white diamond engagement rings.

Engagement ring trends have evolved to reflect the diverse preferences and personal stories of couples today. From the allure of precious gemstones to the elegance of colourful or white diamonds, the choices are vast. Whether you're drawn to alternative gemstones, lab-created brilliance, or non-traditional designs, there is an engagement ring that will capture your heart and symbolise the unique love you share. Embrace the trends and let us help you on this journey to find the perfect symbol of your love. Email us at  lian@leblancjewellery.com to start your bespoke engagement ring journey!