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The Ray Collection

For the launch of LeBlanc Jewellery, we have debuted with our first collection- the Ray collection. Inspired by the distinct beauty and grace of the stingray. The elegant, agile creature maintains a constant presence in the Bahamian coastal waters, where we grew up.

LeBlanc Jewellery, Stingray, BahamasFreeport, Bahamas - 2018

The stingray is characterised by its wide, smooth pectoral fins and the undulations of these fins as they glide through the water. Rays are normally found buried a few inches under the sand hiding from larger predators. When provoked their deadly stingers make light work of anyone foolish enough to disturb the intelligent creature. The ray is symbolic of power and elegance. 


The natural world contains such abundant oddity and flair. The ocean is a mystery in its complexity, through attention to its unique life forms we touch the unknown. Our treasured environment in the Bahamas remains incredibly influential in our work, and something we will continuously pay homage towards.

Stingray, Bahamas, Leblanc Jewellery Freeport, Bahamas - 2018

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