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The Padparadscha and Ruby Cross Hoop Earring

The near universal symbol of Christianity, the cross symbolises love, sacrifice and the power of redemption. The padparadscha centre lozenge is an extremely rare colour for a sapphire, a truly rare sapphire boasting a blend of bright pink and orange hues. Its name draws inspiration from the graceful lotus flower, mirroring the gemstone’s vibrant colors.

Just like the lotus flower, which submerges into the river at night and emerges sparklingly clean the next morning, this gem symbolises the resilience to change and the beauty of rebirth.

The earring is then incorporated with princess and round cut rubies, finished with a final touch of a light pink bullet cut sapphire set in rose gold. We intentionally opted for these rare cuts and colors to infuse the design with an element of surprise and uniqueness.

Because of the rarity in colour, we only have two available for this sapphire cross hoop earring, worn as a single, you can choose to wear it for everyday or to accentuate your evening ensemble.

-14kt Solid Rose Gold Hoop Cross Earring, single 
- Padparadscha Lab Grown Sustainable centre lozenge
- Pink Lab Grown Sapphire Bullet Drop
- Ruby 

Lab Grown Princess Cuts
- Round Pink 

Lab Grown Sapphires
- Sold as singular cross earring with an additional rose gold hoop to match