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The Amphitrite Sapphire Earrings

Named after the Greek goddess of the ocean, Amphitrite, these sapphire earrings truly befits a mermaid. The centrepiece of the studs features an incredibly rare fan shaped yellow sapphire, reminiscent of Venus’s scallop shell in The Birth of Venus. The fan is held in a cluster of marquise blue spinels, pear shaped white sapphires and black moissanites. Pair this with our Amphitrite choker to complete the look.


  • Available in 10kt
  • Lab grown yellow sapphire
  • Lab grown blue spinel
  • Lab grown white sapphire
  • Black moissanite

Part of the profits of this piece go towards purchasing corals to restore reefs that are affected by climate change in Freeport, Grand Bahama island.