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Silver Sand Dollar Earrings


Available in 18 karat gold vermeil and silver.


The Cobo Collection borrows its name from the Taino word for “Shell”. This collection explores change, the past and the shaping of our identities through fragments of shells casted in silver and gold.  

The Tainos were the first inhabitants of the Bahamas. The creation of this collection began at home on the beaches of Freeport, Grand Bahama. Each fragment was casted exactly as we found it. Each piece is a reflection of the ocean, and of Caribbean identity.  

The fragments were carefully chosen because of their unique features. They are seaworn segments of their former bodies. The Cobo collection is an exploration of imperfection and character. The shell fragments bear the evidence of nature’s journey. Edges warped and smoothed over years at sea- their journey is reflective of the one we make in our own lives. As we grow and experience tribulation, we develop character and beauty.  



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