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Beating Heart Pendant


A classic symbol of love, the heart is the centre of our emotions. Our inspiration for the beating heart pendants come from the way that colours can represent our feelings & mood.

Emeralds and sapphires are the perfect combination to represent romance, the green of the emerald could be symbolic of nature and calm– while dark blue sapphires are reminiscent of a deep love. 

Part of the profits of this piece go towards purchasing corals to restore reefs that are affected by climate change in Freeport, Grand Bahama island. 


The heart pendants are crafted out of solid 10kt gold or 925 sterling silver plated with a layer of rhodium for extra shine.

The pendant features a lab grown 3.50ct heart shaped emerald and set with a dark blue lab grown sapphire marquise halo.

Customised colours, metal and gemstones are available. Make your heart your own!


Each pendant is made to order, please allow up to four weeks to create your heart. <3