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The Blue Sapphire Sun Pendant

The glorious warm everlasting lamp of our lives, the Sun. Worshipped in many cultures, suns have various meanings to different people. When we feel lost and have an inability to see clearly, the sun never lets us down by rising and shining brightly upon the path, guiding us to what is important, back to ourselves or a new beginning.
The sun reveals to us that new beginnings are born everyday, encouraging us to forgive ourselves when it set yesterday and reminds us to keep moving forward - as life on earth could not continue if the sun shut off for even a split moment.

- Rose Cut Light Blue Sapphire - Sustainable lab grown ethical Sapphire (Our gemstones are sustainably created and are 100% the same chemical and physical properties as mined, just environmentally and ethically more friendly.)
- Silver or 10kt 
- Optional to come with a solid gold 10kt or 18kt paper-link adjustable 14 inch-16 inch chain. 

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks to make your jewellery. 

The First Three Orders gets a gift from our Cobo & Ray Collection.

Part of the profits of this piece go towards purchasing corals to restore reefs that are affected by climate change in Freeport, Grand Bahama island.